Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Card game godfather Puzzle & Dragons to enter Chinese market via Tencent

Baidu index: green I'm MT vs blue Puzzle & Dragons
Although Puzzle & Dragons is almost nothing in comparison to its Chinese clone I'm MT on Baidu Index, its developer GungHo announced today it finally concluded with Tencent an exclusive agent agreement for Chinese market.

Being extremely popular in Japan since 2013, Japanese card game Puzzle & Dragons helped its developer GungHo exceed Nintendo in market value in May 2013, reaching 15.1 billion US dollars, only 1600 million dollars less than Blizzard.

The game inspired many Chinese developers and thus caused a fever of card games in China. I'm MT combined card game basis with WOW elements and became the most successful one here.

Puzzle & Dragons is now facing strong competition by Monster Strike in Japan, according to Serkantoto’s Blog, the latter combines card game and billiards and has just had a head start on Tencent's super social network WeChat.

On today's news conference, GungHo's CEO Kazuki Morishita said, "Basic gameplay will be reserved, but a lot of items will be altered for Chinese market." The release date is still uncertain.

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